The Sex Toy That'll Make Your Orgasms So Much Stronger

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
When it comes to the wild world of anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. Many options are specifically designed for beginners, and they have the benefit of being relatively simple, but they deliver powerful results.
"You may ask how beads really work," says Tino Dietrich, CEO and co-founder of Ella Paradis. "This very much depends on what you like."
Chelsea McCain of Adult Empire explained that, while anal beads act as a massage when they're in the body, their biggest benefit is the feeling of removal during or just before orgasm.
"The key to the beads is not necessarily the feeling you feel when they are going in, but rather when you pull them out," she says. "Put them in and slowly pull out during intercourse, masturbation, or right before you’re about to orgasm for a little extra boost."
With all these thoughts in mind, we went on a hunt for some of the best anal beads to get you started on your journey, and asked Dietrich and McCain for some tips and advice for beginners. Ahead is everything you need to know before using anal beads, and the different kinds you may want to try.
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Start gradually.

When it comes to choosing your first anal beads, it's wise to pick ones that are specifically designed to ease you into it.

"Start with a slight gradual increase set of beads," says McCain. "As the beads start to get larger up the length of the strand, you are allowing yourself to get used to the toy. You don’t want to jump into anything too advanced too quickly."
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Make sure there’s a loop or handle.

Just like butt plugs, a loop or handle at the end of the strand is simply good for peace of mind, since you know the toy can be easily removed and won't somehow get lost.

"This helps to avoid an unpleasant surprise or even a visit to the local ER for removal," says Dietrich.
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Inspect the beads for warning signs.

Another thing to consider when choosing your beads is the quality. Dietrich says to avoid beads held together with a thin nylon string because they're difficult to clean. When you do decide on a set, inspect the beads before use to ensure they're smooth with no rogue sharp edges.
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Get a thick anal lubricant.

Lube is always a good idea when it comes to anal play, but McCain recommends anal lube specifically.

"Of course, you can use a water-based lubricant, but the thickness of anal lube sticks to the toy better, so you don’t have to apply as often," she says.

Also, make sure you're lubing all the beads. "Really coat them, as well as your backdoor, so that you are well lubricated," she adds. "It’s a tight hole back there that is gripping around a toy, so you don’t want to hit a dry spot that makes you have to pause your fun."
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Start solo.

If you're not ready to dive in with a partner, anal beads can easily be used on yourself.

"It allows you to get comfortable with your new toy and gives you the opportunity to explore this new way to add another level of pleasure to your intimate lifestyle," says Dietrich.
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Relax and communicate!

If you're nervous, McCain recommends teasing the area with a mini egg or bullet vibrator to get things going. This way, you won't be tense when it comes time for insertion.

"You can also use a condom with your beads," adds Dietrich. "It keeps them clean and may make penetration easier and more comfortable."
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Purchase an anti-bacterial cleaner.

In order to safely use your anal beads repeatedly, you'll want to clean them between use using an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. After cleaning, Dietrich says to store them in an open space to dry.
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Image courtesy of Lovehoney.
For something sturdier with less bend, these beads are also gradual and gentle, and give you total control over how much you want to enjoy.

Lovehoney Fifty Shades of Grey - Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads, £14.99, available at Lovehoney.
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Photo courtesy of Pipedream.
If you're not sure what you'd like, McCain recommends going with a kit.

"If you get a kit with numerous styles of beads, you can have a lot to experiment with for one low price," she says. "A great thing to purchase and use with a partner on a date night to see what you both enjoy or on an evening when you are just plain feeling adventurous."

Pipedream Anal Fantasy: Beginner’s Bead Kit, £20.14, available at Amazon.
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Photo courtesy of Shots Media.
The next step when it comes to anal beads is to experiment with shapes.

"This is a different route to go after you’ve tried out a basic strand, McCain says. "See what an odd bead shape feels like, giving your anal muscles a new design to experiment with."

Shots Media Touche Bona Dea, £12.90, available at Homosexual.
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Photo courtesy of Lovehoney.
If you're looking to make an investment, a silicone probe is soft, cleanable, and long-lasting. This is great for people who think anal play is going to be a staple in their sex lives, and who want to get a little more adventurous.

Lovehoney Fifty Shades Of Darker Collection: Carnal Promise Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Beads, £34.99, available at Lovehoney.
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Photo courtesy of Cal Exotics.
If you're having trouble relaxing, you might consider going for something that vibrates. According to McCain, this can help with insertion. Plus, it feels great.

"Those backdoor nerve endings will surely be pleased with subtle or intense vibrations," she says. "A new feeling to experiment with!"

Cal Exotics Waterproof Vibrating Pleasure Beads, £10.60, available at Amazon.
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Photo courtesy of Topco Toyz.
Another option for those going the vibration route, but are feeling a little bolder. This sturdy silicone wand is a similar investment as the previous one, just turned up a notch.

Topco Climax Silicone Vibrating Bum Beads, £22.05, available at Amazon.
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Photo courtesy of Pipedream.
This toy is a longer spin on the last, but it's also glass and holds whatever temperature you desire.

"Glass toys are also easy to clean and nonporous, making them extremely body safe," McCain continues. "A lot of people say that the heavy weight of glass adds an extra sensation that can only be felt and not explained, but is more prominent when felt anally."

Pipedream Icicles Gold Edition - G06, £34.97, available at Amazon
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Photo courtesy of Pipedream.
This toy is one of many that are starting to incorporate two-in-one pleasure. The loop of this toy is positioned around the testicles while the beads are inserted into the anus.

People with penises "can feel the sensation of beads and prostate stimulation while keeping their erections hard as a rock!" says McCain.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Elite Ball Cinch With Anal Beads, £9.63, available at Amazon.
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Photo courtesy of Doc Johnson
Another two-in-one toy, this set of anal beads also stimulates the clitoris. Position the beads in the anus and the ears of the rabbit on the clitoris, reaching double the pleasure completely on your own.

Doc Johnson Mood: Kinky Bunny, £24.09, available at Amazon.
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This set of anal beads is like Ben Wa balls for your butt, since it comes with free-floating weighted balls inside each section of the beaded shaft. The advantage of added weights to anal beads? They jiggle with your body's movements to add even more anal sensation.
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Made with blue (body-safe) silicone, the butt beads on this trio gradually increase in circumference. After lubricating the toy properly, begin by inserting one bead, and then work your way up to the second and third when you're ready.
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If you've started to get comfortable with anal beads and are interested in trying the next level, try a dual penetration tool. You can test it out solo with the Double Lover, which has a beaded anal end as well as one designed for vaginal insertion. Both are modestly sized and flexible, and even vibrates to help you ease in — perfect for first-timers.
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Down with dual penetration? Once you're ready, try it with a partner. This add-on anal bead penetrator slips comfortably around the base of a strap-on or penis with its two loops, making it easy to control from the wearer's hips.

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