Can’t Sleep? Try These Dreamy Bedtime Stories For Adults

No matter which bedtime routine you follow, nothing quite beats reading a book.
We've long been warned about the dangers of blue light (no late-night Instagram scrolling, please) and the temptation to watch just one more episode of the new TV show you're obsessed with is hard to battle when Netflix's autoplay is in action. Retreating to the confines of a book is safer territory. That is until you wake up with a paragraph imprinted on your cheek after falling asleep on the page you'd only managed to skim-read before your eyes finally gave in to the weight of sleep.
The solution is audio. The trick is finding a tale that is designed to help you fall asleep. That way, there's no stubborn straining to read to the end of the chapter when the zzzs come calling, nor will you feel guilty for using a novel you're actually interested in to trick your brain into dozing off.
Bedtime stories aren't just for children, folks. There are hundreds of dreamy tales narrated by the most soothing voices on the internet to nudge you into the land of nod. Quite frankly, it's the easiest (read: laziest) and most comforting way to switch off at the end of the day, so we've gathered our favourites right here to help you slide seamlessly into sleep without counting sheep.

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