The Blue Light From Your Laptop Or Phone Could Be Ageing Your Skin

Photo: Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm
It's no secret that protecting our skin from UBB/UVA rays by wearing daily SPF is essential. But what about blue light? Also known as HEV (High Energy Visible Light), it's a natural part of sunlight. However, it is also emitted from our phones, tablets and computers and for most of us, scrolling through social media, online banking, reading emails and shopping online is the first and last thing we do. Research has shown that too much exposure to blue light can accelerate ageing and further increase your complexion woes.
Dr Murad, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Murad Skincare, explains, "Excessive blue light accelerates the oxidation process, causing hyperpigmentation, its oxidative effects elicit inflammation and damage the skin barrier making it more prone to signs of ageing, increased uneven skin tone, dullness, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles". Yikes.
Fortunately, beauty brands are catching on to the need for a solution to combat the effects of blue light, launching products which can minimise the damage caused, and in some cases, prevent it before it happens.
Click through to see our round up of products to tackle HEV light, from SPFs to eye creams and everything in between.

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