Screen Time Frying Your Eyes? You Need To Try These Blue-Light Glasses

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You're obviously reading this story on a screen right now. Maybe it's on your laptop or smartphone — since you're here, consider how your eyes are feeling at this moment. Do you feel eye strain? Is it making you a bit tired or headache-y? Are you not sure how much brightness (or dimness) is optimal for your health but also your productivity? Do you ever freak out about all this Black Mirror-esque consumption? Clearly, you've arrived here because you're seeking some kind of eyeball relief — and a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses can certainly alleviate a lot of the tension you're experiencing. As luck would have it, our friends at Baxter Blue, an Australian maker of blue light eyewear and polarised sunglasses, are offering R29 readers 25% with the code Refinery25 until 16th June, with no exclusions or limitations.
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Why Baxter Blue?

What sets apart Baxter Blue from other competitors is the brand's Blue+ technology. Rather than a blue light filter just coating the surface of the lens, Baxters "have a blue light pigment technology embedded right into the lens, filtering out as much as 80% of the highest energy wavelengths known to cause digital-eye-strain." It means that, while other blue light glasses may have veneer-like filters that may chip or wear away over time, Baxter Blue lenses will continue to karate-chop the blue light waves away from your precious pupils everlastingly.
And, if you needed additional reasons to peep a look over at Baxter Blue, you'll be pleased to know that the company has an ongoing partnership with RestoringVision, an org that provides a pair of reading glasses for a vision-impaired person in need for every Baxter Blue pair of glasses purchased. Plus, Baxter Blue produces its specs with sustainability at the forefront, making sure all styles, as well as packaging and shipping, are developed and executed as gently on the earth as possible. There's a whole category for all biodegradable frames as well.
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