Ankles As Earrings: TikTok’s Latest Sex Position Will Have You Finishing In Minutes

Illustrated by Twish Patni.
There have been many creative names given to sex positions in recent years. The octopus, the pile driver, the flying buttress and splitting bamboo are just some of the ingenious names we've seen.
One of the most recent graduates from the creative writing school for quirky sex terms is "ankles as earrings". Over on TikTok, users have been cryptically sharing their experiences of this move.
"When it's always done in five minutes because he wears your ankles as earrings," reads one TikTok. Yep, wearing someone's ankles as earrings essentially means having your ankles rest against your partner's shoulders. Often, this has one person lying on their back, with their legs up towards the ceiling, while the other person is on their knees crouched over them.
As it typically goes, TikTok's sex positions trends rarely reinvent the wheel. This particular position is known by other names too, like the butt lift and gaping. It's a popular position for a reason: for people with vulvas, this right-angled position allows for deeper penetration — hence the confessions of orgasms that happen at record speed.
It's not a sex position that's limited to heterosexual couples, either. In fact, the most viral TikTok video on the subject that's currently making the rounds (with over 13 million views) reads, "Finally understanding why most of you last three minutes max after having his ankles as earrings last night."

I almost threw up from the cardio but it was a good time

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The Australian creator is likely referencing the act of pegging, where one wears a strap-on dildo to penetrate the anus of a person with a prostate. "How do I send this to her without sending it," one comment reads. "What in Kama Sutra trigonometry do you mean," another reads.
It's also known as missionary anal, a position that TikToker @amateuraussiex says doesn't pertain to gender. "It's about the position of the body during sex," they say. "Ankles are ankles, earrings are earrings."
Anal play in the position can go both ways too. Regardless of who is on the receiving end, adequate lube and foreplay (using fingers, butt plugs or anal beads) will make it a more pleasurable experience. A sex pillow (or truly, any pillow) can also help lift the bottom to angle the penis or dildo.
Whether you take the 'ankles as earrings' position to your own bedroom for vaginal penetration or anal sex (or both!), you might be surprised at what a difference raised legs can make...

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