This Big Little Lies Star Was Mistakenly Promised An Emmy

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Sunday night's Emmys were a pretty good night if you were a part of Big Little Lies. The show won Outstanding Limited Series at the 2017 awards, and cast members like Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, and Alexander Skarsgård took home their own Emmys for their individual performances. However, as Adam Scott, who played Ed Mackenzie on the HBO drama, explained to Jimmy Kimmel, there was one disappointment that night: He was promised an Emmy, but didn't get it.
To be clear, he wasn't promised an Emmy for his performance — the Parks and Rec actor sadly wasn't nominated — but he was given a bit of false hope backstage after the cast and crew went up to accept their final award.
"We all went backstage together...and Zoë Kravitz, another actor on the show, and I were kind of off to the side just waiting for everyone, and the stage hand came up to us, this really sweet girl came up and she had a headset on and she just said, 'Okay guys, we're gonna take you into this room next,'re gonna collect your trophies and then we'll get you on your way,'" this caused Scott and Kravitz to pause. Trophies? Plural? "Zoë and I were like, 'Well, okay, but we don't get trophies, we're the actors.' She's like, 'No, you get Emmys! You just won, everybody here gets an Emmy!'"
Naturally, they got a little giddy.
"We're like, 'Oh my God, we just won Emmys!'" he continued. "And then, as we're walking back stage and up the stairs with everybody it slowly dawned on us, 'That's not true at all.' And so we asked someone...and they're like, 'No, that's not true at all. Keep moving.'"
Womp, womp. At least they got to believe it for a few blissful minutes, and even then, Scott isn't giving up.
"That particular very friendly girl backstage owes Zoë Kravitz and I an Emmy," he added. Now we need a second season just to right this wrong...and for a billion other reasons as well.

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