9 Of The Best Trick Wallpapers

It’s official. After decades of plain painted walls taking precedence, wallpaper is back. And not just back – it’s never been more in vogue. But we’re not talking any old wallpaper. Like all the best trends, this reincarnation has a very particular twist. We don’t want walls that look like they’ve been papered, oh no – this is all about surfaces that aren’t quite what they seem, designs that trick the eye and make you look twice.

From trompe l’oeil tiles to rustic, timber textures, walls just got interesting. Why go plain when you can go concrete, wood or brick? The joy of wallpaper’s new guise is that it can dramatically change a room's look and feel – transform your space into a Manhattan loft, an east London warehouse or a gentlemen’s club library with nothing more than paper and paste.

If you’ve got a room in need of a little personality, one of these nine designs should do the, er, trick...

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