How To Make Your Home Look Stunningly '70s

Those among you with more than a passing interest in perusing Pinterest, will have noticed that '70s-style interiors are back in a big way.
Technically, the look really stems from the late '60s. Think Laurel Canyon. Think Joni Mitchell, The Mamas & The Papas, Carole King and Neil Young. As the '60s turned into the '70s, though, this macraméd, crocheted and sumptuous hippy look carried on.
Over the past few years, it's come back round again. So if you're bored of the stark minimalism of Scandi chic, here's a trend that allows clutter, and lots of it (amen to that).
Click through to find out how to get a little Laurel Canyon into your overpriced inner-city modern one-bed. Because, hey, a girl can dream right?