Which Couple Breaks Up At The MAFSA Reunion? — An Investigation

The final vow ceremonies are done and dusted but the drama on Married At First Sight Australia is far from over thanks to a two-night finale special that sees one couple call it quits there and then.
An epically jam-packed, juicy promo teases a reunion dinner party and subsequent sit-down with the experts where footage is replayed, and we see expert Mel Schilling asking the cast, "Who ended the relationship?"
The next shot that flashes up on the screen shows controversial couple, Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie, before we see Samantha Moitzi whispering to Al Perkins, "They're breaking up".
But for anyone who's an avid viewer of MAFSA, you'll know not everything is always as it seems on the televised social experiment.
Is it actually Frazer and Lonie who call time on their romance, or one of the other couples — Domenica Calarco & Jack Millar or Selina Chhaur & Cody Bromley — who had committed to one another at their final vow ceremonies that aired earlier this week? Or could it be Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes who were at the centre of this season's cheating scandal when Santos hooked up with Holmes behind her TV husband Dion Giannarelli's back?
A combination of social media snippets and media interviews help us understand how the couples have been tracking since filming ended, hinting at which ones could be going steady and which are potentially on the rocks.

Olivia Frazer & Jackson Lonie

Image courtesy of Channel 9
Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer on Married At First Sight
The majority of drama on MAFSA this season has involved teaching student Frazer's arguments with Domenica Calarco, and Frazer sharing an OnlyFans nude photo of her co-star. Her nasty comments and unwillingness to let go of a grudge have left her husband, Lonie, rather uncomfortable and frustrated at times, testing his patience and questioning the pair's future.
However, they chose to take their relationship into the outside world by committing to each other at the final vow ceremony, and as footage of Frazer's behaviour has aired in recent weeks, Lonie has continuously defended his wife in interviews, claiming editing is to blame for her portrayal.
"It's kind of like they wanted to set this up from the start so poor Liv gets a reaming from everybody,' he said in an interview earlier this month.
He also seemed to confirm they're still very much an item, saying, "To this day I go to the gym and she's cool with it."
In another interview, he said the real Olivia and Jackson weren't shown on TV and people need to stop judging them based on what they've seen.
"If people actually want to come and get to know us I'm more than happy to have a beer with them and sit down have a chat and you know, go through everything that we've been through," Lonie told the radio duo. "The abuse needs to stop. It's pretty upsetting."
The reunion night promos show the MAFSA cast re-watching footage of Frazer talking to her co-stars about the incident involving Calarco smashing a wine glass after Frazer told her she didn't like her voice.
"She smashed her wine glass. Then she waved the broken wine glass in my face," Frazer says in the clip that's played back for all to see.
The next scene shows Mitch Eynaud saying, "I'm sorry but that is bullshit" which to be honest could be a completely unrelated comment but it makes us wonder, could it be about Frazer?

Domenica Calarco & Jack Millar

Image courtesy of Channel 9
Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar on Married At First Sight
Millar and Calarco have appeared to be one of the strongest couples on the show in recent weeks. However, audiences saw a glimpse of uncertainty at the last dinner party before final vows when Calarco admitted that she wasn't sure she saw a long-term future with Millar.
"Do you see longevity in this relationship?" Millar asked his wife when he was given the chance to ask a free question during the 'honest box' segment.
After a long pause, Calarco admitted, "It's been hard to see longevity with you... if I'm thinking long term, listening to my heart but also in my head, I always had doubts."
The admission was a big shock to many viewers who were later relieved when the couple decided to continue their marriage at the final vows.
"I would love to continue this relationship in the outside world, because I truly do believe we are something great," Millar said.
Calarco said that "from day one" the pair "bonded".
"It was instant chemistry. You said in your wedding vows you wanted someone to challenge you, and I believe I did just that," she said, before then sharing some truths that could be hard to hear.
"It's no secret we have struggled throughout this experience... I thought my feelings would be much deeper than they are right now," she said. "Throughout the entire experiment, I never gave up hope. I am hoping we can continue what we have in the real world, because right now it is too special to let go."
Calarco has done plenty of press in the past few weeks, especially after the OnlyFans nude photo storyline aired. And right by her side in many of the interviews has been Millar — so does this suggest they are still together or is it a clever tactic by the show's publicity team to make viewers believe they're an item?
And how about some sneaky social media snaps to keep audiences guessing? Earlier this month some images emerged of Millar keeping close to Calarco at her 29th birthday celebrations in Sydney. If they did break up, there's certainly no bad blood there.
On the other hand, don't they say couples who get tattoos together stay together? Images published in the Daily Mail show the pair getting matching inked designs in Sydney in January.

Selina Chhaur & Cody Bromley

Image courtesy of Channel 9
Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley on Married At First Sight
Chhaur and Bromley's relationship has been plagued with ups and downs, all beginning with Bromley admitting he wasn't initially physically attracted to Chhaur because of her Asian heritage. Yes, you read that right.
Since then it's been a struggle for Bromley to openly communicate his feelings towards his wife, and Chhaur has questioned whether her husband is truly ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle.
At the final vows, Bromley told Chhaur, "'Despite everything we've been through together, my feelings for you are strong and enough to put the work into this relationship on the outside."
Assuring her he saw a future with her, he added, "I've entertained so many exciting possibilities in the future."
Meanwhile, Chhaur didn't hesitate to let her husband know that their relationship has been far from smooth sailing.
"There've been times when I felt really hurt and let down," she said. "I never thought coming onto this experiment, I'd cry so much and have so many moments where I felt so alone [even] when you were right there, by my side.
"I find you hot and cold, warm one day and then distant the next, and I'm constantly stuck in a cycle of confusion and unease... continuously wondering where I stand with you and whether you really care about me.
"Never in my life have I ever had to question time after time... You're a very difficult man to read."
In the end, she said she still wanted to give the relationship a go on the outside, but we haven't seen any photos of the pair out and about since filming wrapped a few months ago.

Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes

Image courtesy of Channel 9
Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos on Married At First Sight
Santos and Holmes' relationship began in the less conventional of ways when Santos cheated on husband Dion Giannarelli with Holmes after he and Jessica Seracino's MAFSA relationship ended.
When the pair surprised their co-stars by walking into a commitment ceremony hand-in-hand, the experts forbade them from returning to the experiment as a new couple. But that hasn't stopped them from being together on the outside.
Images from February obtained by The Wash showed the pair holding hands while walking through Sydney airport.
Then, in an interview on March 24, Santos said that she and Holmes were still together.
"I think it just made us stronger, if anything because we need to, you know, be there for each other, support each other. So it just made us stronger," she said.
With the explosive MAFSA reunion only a few sleeps away, there's not long to go until we find out which Married At First Sight Australia couple breaks up and which couples are still together.
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