The Very Tanned Outer Banks S2 Trailer Takes Danger To A New Level (& Country)

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you thought the first season of the Pogues' exploits through the sandy beaches of North Carolina was wild, get ready for season 2 of Outer Banks — this adventure is going global. (Spoilers ahead for S1.)
Season one of Outer Banks ended on an intense note, seeing several key characters meet their untimely death and main character John B. (Chase Stokes) heading to the Bahamas with his girlfriend Sarah (Madelyn Cline) on a boat. The young couple's journey to the Caribbean isn't exactly for pleasure; they're actually on the run after Jon B. was falsely accused of murder back on the banks.
“John B, we are fugitives in a foreign country,” Sarah reminds him sternly. "Promise me you won't do anything stupid."
Easier said than done, unfortunately, because chaos follows John B. and Sarah to the Bahamas and all the way back to the Outer Banks, where the pair is able to reunite with the rest of the Pogues. Hot on their trail is Sarah's shady father Ward (Charles Esten) and his son Rafe (Drew Starkey) — the real killer that the local police should be after — who are still in hot pursuit of the legendary gold. Basically, we're anticipating more drama, more shenanigans, and possible a few more murders. Anything goes on the banks, really.
The return of Outer Banks is a long time coming after Netflix's adorable announcement of its renewal over a year ago. Even with all of the streaming giants' new original series that have premiered since 2020, this show remains one of the most beloved, its viewers falling for the perfect storm of romance and adventure. The trailer promises that season two will have the same energy with even more stress for fans — just the way we like it.
Season two of Outer Banks will be available for streaming starting July 30, only on Netflix.

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