The Physical Cast Is Ready To Get, Well, You Know

Photo: courtesy of Apple TV+.
You'll be sweatin' it to the oldies with Physical on Apple TV+, the new show from Almost Family creator Annie Weisman set in the early '80s. Underneath the perms and leotards, these are the actors in the Physical cast and what you need to know about the characters they play.
Physical is about a housewife named Sheila (Rose Byrne) who used to be one half of a radical, polyamorous partnership with her husband Danny (Rory Scovel). She finds herself becoming bored, complacent, and full of insecurity as she gets older and Reaganism creeps in and changes the world around them. If you thought your Sunday scaries were bad, they're nothing compared to the negative thoughts and self-talk that Sheila experiences on a daily basis. She finds her confidence and strength in the budding world of aerobics classes at the mall, decades before self-care trends became like... a thing.
The show takes a darkly comic look at mental health, body image, disordered eating, as well as the industries that sell female empowerment. In order to pull off that tone without getting offensive, you need a team of super-talented performers that can pull off both comedy and drama. Here's who you'll see in the series.

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