Pete Davidson Calls Jake Paul A “Piece Of Shit” Amid Sexual Assault Allegations & Denial

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Before YouTuber Jake Paul and MMA fighter Ben Askren even stepped into the ring for their pay-per-view boxing match in Atlanta on April 17, SNL comedian Pete Davidson threw some punches of his own. Davidson and rapper Jack Harlow were two of the fight's celebrity hosts, along with Mario Lopez, Snoop Dogg, and Diplo, but only Davidson went in with a mission to let everyone know that he thinks Paul is a...piece of shit.
"Tonight, we have a bout between Ben Askren, who, I don't know who that is, still, and I've been reading up on him all week, and Jake Paul, and, you know, they both suck, but at least somebody's going to get hurt," Davidson told Triller viewers. Davidson and Harlow were tasked with interviewing both challengers before they went out into the ring, but Davidson's line of questioning for Paul was more of a roast than an interview.
"You remind me of Charlie Sheen when he went on his 'winning' tirade," Davidson told Paul.
He then, according to Buzzfeed News and a video from Perez Hilton, asked Paul about the recent sexual assault allegations made against him by TikTok star Justine Paradise. The question is muted in the video below, but Paul's response isn't.
"Bro, you can't joke around about that," Paul replies nervously. "No, I'm not. I'm not," Davidson says, adding: "But, you good?"
On April 9, Paradise posted a 20-minute video called "TRIGGER WARNING: Jake Paul Sexually Assaulted Me" in which she claimed that Paul forced her to perform oral sex on him in July 2019 at his Los Angeles home. Paul called the allegations "100% false," and his attorney said in a statement provided to PEOPLE on April 13 that Paul "categorically denies the allegation and has every intention of aggressively disproving it and pursuing legal action against those responsible for the defamation of his character."
After the awkward exchange with Paul, Davidson went to Askren's locker room to interview him, but the conversation devolved into how much Davidson thinks Paul is a "piece of shit."
"He's not a good person [and] he's clearly not a good influence on any of the youth culture," Davidson said, and Askren agreed.
Davidson continued: "He has this whole following, so he thinks he can do whatever he wants, and didn't he get busted by the feds with AKs and a bunch of machine guns? Like, why isn't he in jail?" The comedian was referring to August 2020, when the FBI raided Paul's L.A. mansion and seized many firearms.
"He's violated the law many times," Askren said. "Paul is a decent fighter, but he's still a shit bag of a human being."
"Exactly," Davidson replied in agreement. "That's the message we're trying to get to the kids. He is a piece of shit."
Refinery29 reached out to Paul for comment.
If you have experienced sexual violence of any kind, please visit Rape Crisis or call 0808 802 9999.

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