Amanda Seyfried Is Haunted By Ghosts, Demons & Possibly Her Husband In The Trailer For Netflix’s Things Heard & Seen

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Amanda Seyfried is continuing her reign as the latest Netflix fan favourite, but her latest role on the streaming platform is a far cry from the understated hilarity of Mank.
The actress’ next part is in the upcoming original film Things Heard & Seen as Catherine, a wife and mother living in 1980s New York City. Despite being well-adjusted to the city life, Catherine and her husband George (James Norton) make the decision to move to a tiny town in Hudson Valley, a choice that totally alters the trajectory of their relationship and their lives.
In their new home, things aren’t quite what they seem. As she tries to adjust to the culture of the local area, Catherine grows increasingly anxious because of the series of eerie events happening around her: doors locking on their owns, radios turning on out of nowhere, creepy, cursed Bibles. Something isn’t right, and she knows it. George knows it, too, but part of of the conflict is that he’s keeping mum on the secret that is driving his wife to her limits. 
“My wife doesn’t know what happened here,” says George ominously in the intense trailer. “I think it would be better if we kept it that way."
Just like in the plot of the novel it’s based on (All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage), Things Heard & Seen is as much of relationship drama as it is a textbook horror story; the story will follow the disintegration of one women’s sanity along with that of her marriage. So yeah...pretty dark on all fronts.
Things Heard & Seen will be available for streaming starting April 29, only on Netflix.

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