Kendall Jenner Adds Security After Facing Death Threats From Her Stalkers

Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images.
In light of a number of disturbing and potentially fatal situations, Kendall Jenner is actively looking to ramp up her personal security. The model and reality star is currently dealing with very serious privacy violations from different stalkers.
TMZ reports that on Monday 29th March, Jenner headed to court to request a restraining order against a man named Malik Browder. The man, who Jenner claims she has no relationship with, allegedly travelled cross-country to her home last week as part of a plan to kill her. Documents shared with TMZ by the Los Angeles Police Department reveal that Browder set out to purchase a gun so that he could shoot Jenner and then take his own life.
The suspect is currently being held on a temporary psychiatric hold at a local psychiatric ward, but Jenner was forced to make an emergency restraining order because he will soon be released. However, the judge granted her request, and Browder is now legally required to stay at least 100 yards from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. 
This isn’t the only scary run-in that Jenner has had with a stalker — it’s the second privacy threat she’s had just this week. Early Sunday morning, a different man entered her property, reportedly knocking on her windows and calling her name. Jenner was at home, but the trespasser couldn’t get to her; her security detail had her safely tucked away somewhere inside of the house. At some point, the man even decided to skinny dip in her pool until he was detained by the LAPD, and the authorities arrested him for misdemeanour trespassing. 
The dangerous run-ins follow a number of other similar incidents over the years. In 2018, Jenner filed a five-year restraining order against a man named John Ford after the stalker had trespassed on her property multiple times within the span of several months. And in 2016, Jenner took the stand to testify against Shavaughn McKenzie, a man who had also lurked around her home on several different occasions before an especially terrifying face-to-face encounter in the driveway of her mansion.
Jenner, who already deals with long-term anxiety, is said to be in a heightened state of emotional distress over the recent violations. To make sure that she's safe from any existing and future threats, Jenner has hired more armed security and is even considering moving to a different home.

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