Everyone Living It Up In The Cast Of Yes Day

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The new Netflix movie Yes Day is a child's dream come true and a parent's worst nightmare — for one day, mum and dad have to say "yes" to every one of their kids' requests. The concept comes from the children's book of the same name by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and now Jennifer Garner is bringing this chaotic idea into homes across the world.
Garner plays Allison, the usually strict mom whose kids just want her to let loose. But when she does, they may soon be wishing for a little less chaos. Although Garner is the big star of the film, the Yes Day cast is rounded out by some famous faces that you'll definitely recognize from your favourite shows and movies.
Yes Day is engineered to plays well to multiple audiences. Parents will relate to Allison and her husband Carlos (Edgar Ramirez), teens may understand their daughter Katie (Jenna Ortega), and kids everywhere would probably give anything for a day where they make the rules and the parents have to listen to whatever they say.
And while it's all a bit earnest for ~these times~, everyone could probably use a few more Yes Days. But until we can get back into the world to visit theme parks and ice cream parlours, we can live vicariously through this lighthearted Netflix movie.

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