The Cast Of Bliss Is Full Of Familiar Faces (& A Very Famous Philosopher)

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
According to the new sci-fi movie Bliss, we may be living in a simulation. In layman's terms: the characters in the new Amazon Prime Video film may not be who they appear — or even real at all. However, the cast of Bliss is very much real and full of familiar faces. Not to mention, a couple of bonafide science guys that bring a bit of pedigree to this sci-fi driven film.
Bliss is a twisty look at our perceived realities with a cameo from a very famous philosopher who believes the real and not-so-real are often hard for humans to distinguish. The question of what is actually real is a running theme in the surreal film which talks of sci-fi gadgets like the Brain Box, a device that lets you toggle between realities, and The Thought Visualizer. If you ever get your hands on one of those, ask it to illustrate the phrase “I'm in a pickle.” Apparently, it’s a real hoot.
To help you find your bearings in the rather confusing world of Bliss, we've put together an introduction to the movie's stars and their characters. It's safe to say, all of them will find themselves stuck in a pickle or two.

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