Put This Princess Diana Meme In The Louvre

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The late Princess Diana is a royal icon, known for her impeccable style and her charming quirks, among many other things. And now, after years of anticipation, the princess has finally arrived on Netflix's The Crown.
And while Season 4 so far seems to capture (with striking realistic detail) why the Princess of Wales became so beloved in those same ways, the actress who portrays her, Emma Corrin, has given fans yet another reason to love her character: she's perfectly memable.
In the third episode of this season, "Fairytale," Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor) asks Diana Spencer (Corrin) to marry him. The Crown kept the public engagement announcement scene pretty faithful the real 1981 event, (right down to the outfits).
In the scene, the camera zooms in on Corrin's shy face as her eyes dart away and back and smiles coyly. It's some Grade A eye acting.
Twitter user Wayne David thought it was a funny moment by itself and decided to isolate the clip, posting it with the caption, "Me trying to decide what to have for dinner." The video was instantly meme-ified, and now has over 4 million views.
Even Corrin herself thought it was funny. She posted the show clip that Kein Magazine had captioned "Me on a Zoom call pretending I’m listening and not just looking at myself 💅🏻" on her Instagram, adding the comment “Loooool.” There's a reason why Diana will forever be the people's princess.

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