Amazon Prime’s The Wilds Looks Like Lost Meets The Society

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Amazon Prime has a brand new show to add to its lineup of fascinating television offerings, and it’s about to get very...wild. The new series is aptly titled The Wilds, and its storyline is equal parts angsty teen drama and survivalist adventure — think ABC’s Lost, but if Sawyer and Hurley were teenage girls.
The Wilds focuses on a group of high school students, each dealing with their respective growing pains. Some are harbouring secret crushes, some are being weighed down by the pressure of excellence, and others are shouldering the burden of family issues. However, the girls’ unique paths converge during a school trip gone wrong. When the private plane they’re travelling on crashes onto an exotic island in the middle of nowhere, the teens realize that they have to put their differences aside for one common goal: survival.
Making it in the wild(s) is difficult for even the most experienced survivalist, talk less of a group of teenagers, but the stakes of survival on the island are raised even higher after some of the girls begin to suspect that their crash might not have been accidental after all. What if the plane crash was part of a bigger plan orchestrated by some shadowy island? Why them? And what happens if they can’t get back home?
Terrifyingly enough, the secret to their unfortunate circumstances may lie with one of the girl’s parents, who admit that they’ve been lying to their daughter to “save her.” To save her from what exactly, we’ll have to keep watching to find out — but it’s looking pretty sketchy, if you ask me.
“Everything about the island feels off,” admits one castaway fearfully. And she’s right. Something far more sinister is afoot. 
If the wild feels like a spiritual cousin to The Society, it’s because they both have similar themes: teens being left to their own devices by unknown forces. In the Netflix original, a mysterious event leaves all of the minors in the wealthy suburb of West Ham without adult supervision. We won't ever find out why the young people of New Ham were transported to what looks like a different dimension — in a shocking move, Netflix cancelled The Society after just one season — but hopefully, we'll find out who's pulling the strings of The Wilds before the season finale. I just can't take another unsolved mystery!
The full first season of The Wilds hits Amazon Prime Video on December 11, 2020.

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