Blue Ivy Carter Reigns Supreme In Black Is King

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Beyoncé's highly anticipated full-length film Black Is King has officially landed on Disney+, and calling it a masterpiece would be an understatement. As expected, the project is flawless from start to finish, a poignant love letter to the diversity of Black culture and the place were it all began: Africa. While the film may have been Beyoncé's brainchild, her child is the one to watch. It's Blue Ivy Carter's turn, y'all!
Black Is King is marked by a number of important cameos from beginning to end; Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong'o, Naomi Campbell, and Tina Knowles are amongst its star studded guests in addition to the artists featured on the 2018 album The Lion King: The Gift. But no one stands out quite as much as Blue Ivy does.
The eight-year-old makes frequent appearances throughout the project, each cameo more fabulous than the next. She shows off her acrobatic skills on an aerial hoop, dons a demure smile in a dress fit for a debutante ("Brown Skin Girl", and offers a casual slay with Vogue-worthy face ("My Power"). We came for Beyoncé — we always do — but the effortless serve of her oldest daughter has us up on our feet.
The Ivy League, Blue's passionate fandom, sees the talent as well as the potential for their fave to surpass the legend of her mother.
Blue Ivy's meteoric rise should come as no surprise to anyone; as the daughter of two of the most powerful people in music, greatness is literally her birthright. But all jokes aside, there's something especially moving about the way that Beyoncé consistently uses her massive platform to create room for her daughter to shine, especially since the child has been subjected to disgusting criticism since the very day that she was born.
Early pictures of newborn Blue Ivy were met by a variety of online comments ranging from awe ("She looks just like Beyoncé!") to straight up anti-Blackness ("I hope she doesn't get Jay-Z's nose!"). Talking about a child's appearance is always disgusting, but much of the discourse about Blue Ivy have been marked by colourism. Sadly, her introduction to racism came only when she was just a few days old.
That's exactly why the Beyhive goes so hard for this little girl. She's already been through so much because of her celebrity status, yet she continues to stand proud in her identity and her Blackness. Beyoncé, who has also been in the spotlight since she was a kid, knows a thing or two about public opinion. It makes perfect sense that she would raise her kids to have an unshakable confidence in themselves.
The result? A little girl who knows that she's the shit and can keep up with the very best of them, including her own mother who is literally the most famous, most talented (I said what I said) person in show business.
It's never too early to start stanning — Blue Ivy's power can't be denied, and this is only the beginning. Ivy League, we move!

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