How 13 Reasons Why Ends For Every Main Character

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: There are MAJOR, major 13 Reasons Why season 4 spoilers ahead.

13 Reasons Why is officially over. The show that started as a miniseries based on a book expanded into four seasons before drawing to a close on June 5 with the final 10 episodes. And where everyone ends up on 13 Reasons Why after season 4 varies wildly.
For one, a lot of the show's original characters graduated or died or moved on in previous seasons, leaving just 13 main characters for season 4, with four of those being relatively brand new. Then, season 4 shortened that count by throwing another death at fans and the friend group.
As for everyone who made it out of that high school worse for the wear but at least alive (so much happened to them in four seasons), most of the students are going off to college. A concentration of them are staying in the California area, with several of them going to Berekley, so the friend group lives on in a smaller way.
Not every story over the course of 13 Reasons Why had a happy ending (many did not), but there was some good mixed with the bad. Now the students just have to hope they don't have to cover up any murders in college. These kids deserve a break.

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