The Space Force Soundtrack Is A Musical Chill Pill

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
There's no David Bowie on the soundtrack for Netflix's Space Force show, but there are plenty of other songs about space. That's par for the course with a show about the air up there. However, the comedy series doesn't rely just on tunes about the moon and stars to accompany its tale.
The show stars Steve Carell as General Mark Naird, commander of the Space Force branch of the military. It's a high-stress job, and Naird has an excellent de-stressing tactic. He sings. A good portion of the show's soundtrack is made up of songs that the character sings when things get a little too overwhelming. Other melodies included on the soundtrack are pretty on-the-nose entries that further describe the action in those moments. (Dead to Me is another Netflix show where the songs and their lyrics are really just extensions of plot and dialogue. It's one of the streaming site's vibes, apparently.)
Aside from the lyrical numbers, Space Force relies heavily on a composed score with sweeping, patriotic, marching band music filled with snare drums and horns. It helps cement in viewers' minds that the series is about a real branch of the American government's military.
These are the songs used throughout the show's 10 episodes.
Warning: Mild spoilers for Space Force are ahead.

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