Introducing All The Teens In Netflix’s Newest Thriller: Control Z

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
We live in a world that uploads and saves almost every single personal memory in a file that’s safely stored in the digital ether — or so we think. In Netflix's new psychological Mexican thriller, Control Z, a high schooler’s secret is blasted in front of the entire school auditorium, ruining her life. But this marks only the beginning of a terrifying and twisted social experiment that may not actually have an undo button.
Cunning loner Sophia (Ana Valeria Becerril) realizes that Colegio Nacional has a sadistic hacker in their midst, so she and her new friend Javier (Michael Ronda) decide to team up and play detective in order to find out who it is — and what they want. 
As the hacker encourages students to hand over secrets about their friends in order to protect their own from leaking, the entire student body breaks down into pure chaos. Since Control Z's plot gets hectic pretty quickly, you’ll want to stay on top of who’s who. Here's a guide to the show's main characters and who plays them.

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