The Cast Of Dangerous Lies Includes A Riverdale Resident & An Old Friend

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
A helpful word of advice? Trust no one in Netflix's new thriller Dangerous Lies. The film begins with a financially struggling caretaker being left an estate by her wealthy patient. For having only worked four and a half months for the guy, it's a pretty great parting gift that only seems to get better once she stumbles upon a trunk full of cash in the attic. She feels like she's hit the lottery, but, in actuality, she's gotten herself involved in a mystery that will have her questioning the motives of everyone: the real estate agent, the lawyer, even her husband.
The cast of Dangerous Lies includes a Riverdale resident, a Friend, and a thirsty vampire. All of whom are suspects in this thriller from director Michael Scott. Like the Office character who shares his name, Scott found his own Threat Level Midnight with Dangerous Lies — a twisty mystery full of deception. "Fortune comes with a price" as the movie's tagline tells us, but let's hope this one also comes with a happy ending.
These characters might not be who they say they are, but the less you know about them the better. This is a thriller, after all. Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to know the actors who star in Dangerous Lies now does it?

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