Are Sharron & Rhonda Still Dating After Too Hot To Handle?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
On Netflix’s reality show Too Hot to Handle, a group of self-proclaimed 10s are thrown together in a tropical paradise in order to make meaningful romantic connections. The catch is that sexual interactions (ranging from kissing to full-blown sex) will drain their pool of prize money. Contestants Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend, however, were able to form a deeper bond, allowing the reality show’s “artificial intelligence” system, LANA, to occasionally give them time to get physical, sans retribution.
By the end of the season, Sharron sweetly asked Rhonda to be his girlfriend and met her son over FaceTime. They’re definitely the reality TV couple to root for — but did Rhonda and Sharron stay together after Too Hot to Handle
Unfortunately, there’s not much evidence to find out if these two are still together. Social media offers only the slimmest of clues, and there is a lot of conflicting information. Rhonda and Sharron do follow one another on Instagram, but they also follow the rest of the Too Hot to Handle cast, so really, it means almost nothing. 
Rhonda and Sharron post regularly on Instagram, be it selfies or modelling shots or the occasional — wait, nope, it’s pretty much just selfies and modelling shots. Sharron liked the last four of Rhonda’s photos on her grid, which date back to February 2020. However, one of those was a promotional shot from Too Hot to Handle. Rhonda hasn’t thrown any Instagram likes Sharron’s way in recent pics.
Neither Rhonda nor Sharron appear to have commented on the other’s photos from their main Instagram account. Their Too Hot to Handle co-star Harry Jowsey, however, regularly shares love in the comments section of Sharron’s account (he’s a gem, truly). Other cast members have also occasionally slid into Rhonda and Sharron’s comment section, but these two are pretty comment-avoidant across the board. 
While there hasn’t been much social media interaction between Rhonda and Sharron in recent months, Rhonda previously liked a lot of Sharron’s photos between February and May of 2019. The series was filmed in April of 2019. Sharron also liked a few photos that Rhonda posted in July and August of that year. 
What does it mean?!? It probably means that either Sharron and Rhonda are no longer together, or they are and are trying their best to avoid spoiling anything for the Too Hot to Handle audience.
Regardless of whether she is still dating Sharron, Rhonda told Refinery29 that the show was a great experience.
“I have definitely seen a difference in my everyday life. A friend of mine, when I came back, the first thing he said to me was, ‘You different.’ He was like, ‘You're acting different, you're talking a little different, what's going on with you?’ I've grown as a person," she explained.
Could a reunion show reveal all? Stay tuned.

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