Here’s How Long You’ll Have To Deal With The Kiara & Sarah Rivalry On Outer Banks

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Warning: Spoilers are ahead for Outer Banks episode 6.
On Netflix's new teen soap Outer Banks, rivalry runs deep and no one, not even the series' brightest young women, are spared. Kiara (Madison Bailey) swears you can't trust Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline); that her former bestie turned enemy is "like a spitting cobra. First she blinds you." And then, well, Kiara never gets to finish her analogy. Perhaps, lucky for us, since her bestie Pope (Jonathan Daviss) argues it's a bad one anyway.
Still, it's clear Kiara, better known as Ki, thinks Sarah is a snake and we have to wrestle with this '90s-style female rivalry for six whole episodes. But finally, in episode 6, "Parcel 9," we get the true story of what did Sarah did to Kiara on Outer Banks. Well, what they did to each other, is probably more accurate.
Early on in the show, Kiara teases that Sarah, queen bee of the Outer Banks, betrayed her. While Kiara is a rich girl, she identifies more with John B. (Chase Stokes) and the Pogues, who are the have-nots of the North Carolina barrier islands. It's why when she was forced to go to school with the rich kids, nicknamed "the Kooks," she was nervous she wouldn't be accepted. Luckily, on the first day, Sarah, queen of the Kooks, asked her if she wanted to go save baby sea turtles, something that is very much up Kiara's alley.
Kiara says that day on the beach was the "best day of her life," but then Sarah turned on her "like she does with everyone." Kiara doesn't go into detail of what Sarah did, but it's clear she's not interested in making up. Their name-calling in episode 6 shows just how angry they still are about whatever went down. That's why Kiara's bestie and Sarah's new boyfriend, John B., along with fellow Pogues, Pope and JJ (Rudy Pankow) decide to help the two make up by stranding them on a boat together.
While they want the two girls to get along so they can all look for treasure together, Kiara and Sarah aren't quite ready to bury the hatchet. That is, until they smoke a hydroponic joint together and finally clue the rest of us in on what started their bitter feud: Sarah didn't invite Kiara to her birthday party.
"It was one party," Sarah swears, but it was so much more to Kiara, who had to watch the festivities on Instagram. Sarah invited everyone in the class to the party except her, which she took as a sign that all the fun they had together was over. Sarah also accused Kiara of being the reason the party got busted by the cops for underage drinking. "You ghosted me and I don't even know why," Kiara tells her former BFF.
The why? "You liked me," Sarah says. "When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail and I blame them for it." Kiara didn't do anything but be a good friend and Sarah apologises for ruining that. Though Sarah was right about one thing, Kiara did rat out her party. Turns out, she did call the cops, something they can both laugh about now.
As for whether this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, well, they're not quite so sure yet. But one thing they can agree on, they'll never give the guys the satisfaction of knowing their little plan worked.

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