Billie Eilish’s Reaction To This Oscars Moment Has Twitter Fuming

There's always one audience reaction shot at the Oscars that gets memed. By now, you'd think celebrities would have their faces trained to neutral. Or, when noted LOL-inducing comedians like Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig are on stage, polite laughter would do. Well, no one told Billie Eilish. The 18-year-old pop star did not seem impressed while Wiig and Rudolph were doing a hilarious and intentionally awkward bit about showing their wide range of emotions for the directors in the audience (to prove they can do more than comedy).
In the midst of a medley of '80s and '90s hits like Madonna's "Vogue" and Sisqo's "Thong Song" — which both came out before Eilish was born — Wiig and Rudolph seemed like they were slaying the crowd, except for one less-than impressed teenager. Granted, the Grammy winner was 10 years old when Bridesmaids came out and it is her first Oscars, so maybe she was just confused as to how these two funny women were making up eternal bops on the spot?
Twitter wasn't giving Eilish a pass. When Eilish turned her face up in perceived disgust, many thought that she should give comedy legends like Rudolph and Wiig some respect.
Others interpreted Eilish's face has a sign she was just over the inevitably long and reliably pretentious Oscars' broadcast, less than an hour in.
Eilish had timelines buzzing last week when she made head-scratching comments to Vogue about the authenticity of rap music. Critics of her stance on hip-hop pointed out that Eilish was — intentionally or not — denigrating an entire genre that existed long before she burst onto the pop scene with "Bad Guy."
Whether you can chalk Eilish's befuddled face up to her age or not, the incident quickly overshadowed her first Oscars red carpet moment, which included an oversized Chanel suit, matching earrings, and gloves.
Eilish's face may be up for interpretation but one thing is certain: Wiig would do an amazing impersonation of Eilish in an SNL skit parodying this exact moment.

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