Election Survey Results: 87% Don’t Trust Boris With Women’s Issues

The general election is only a few days away. It’s our third election in four years but it still deserves all our attention. 
There’s a lot at stake, not least what sort of relationship we have with the European Union in the future. But we're also voting for the sort of society we want to be going forward, with issues ranging from Boris Johnson’s record on women and how we support survivors of domestic abuse to the housing crisis and the future of abortion rights
Despite all the fuss about a 'youthquake' in Labour’s favour, young people – particularly young women – are still the least likely demographic to vote. But unless we vote, our voices are not heard. 
Ahead of the election on 12th December, Refinery29 asked over 1,000 of our readers what they’re thinking ahead of next week’s vote. Ninety-three percent said that they are planning to vote.

I vote in every election – it is both a responsibility and a privilege. 

I will vote for whoever offers a second referendum.

To be honest, I'm not happy with any of the party options but I think it's more important to exercise my right to vote as a woman then not do so (I may spoil my vote).

Forty percent of readers told us that they are more politically engaged than they were in 2017, when we had a general election that failed to return a majority and saw Theresa May join forces with Northern Ireland’s DUP
When it comes to how the country is currently being run, 87% said they don’t trust Boris Johnson with women’s issues. On top of that, 79% said that they are dissatisfied with his leadership so far.

I am not surprised. Dissatisfied yes, but I knew I would be! He is unelected, and he does not care about the greater good.

He has lied persistently since coming to office and before.

I do not trust him at all. Boris and his compatriots are blind to the realities of working life, the struggles of women, the struggles of minorities or less abled people. I find his rhetoric destructive, dangerous and backwards.

As the old saying goes, 'you can’t be what you can’t see'. Women are currently underrepresented across the board in British politics. The last election saw more women MPs than ever before elected but given that women account for over half of the population, seeing just 32% of parliament made up of women didn’t quite feel like a victory. 
Fifty-nine percent of Refinery29 readers said that they would be more likely to vote for a party with a feminist leader, while 60% said they don’t feel represented by any of the main party leaders trying to sway us in this election. 

I don't feel represented by any of them. I am more centrist-right.

I like Jeremy Corbyn as a person and believe that he means very well and has strong morals similar to my own, but I sadly do not think he will win Labour an election. I like the Lib Dems policies for parental leave and childcare, but would not vote Lib Dem ever again. I will never vote Tory.

On the issues they care about, Refinery29 readers said that they are most worried about Brexit (29%) and the climate emergency (26%), with the cost of living coming in third (13%). 
Many of those who took the survey would like to see serious changes in British politics, which they currently feel does not represent them.

British politics needs to be more responsive and adaptive. Current pressing issues, like the climate emergency need to be at the forefront.

Decisive action needs to be taken to stop Brexit and stop wasting taxpayers' money on campaigns, debates, votes etc.

Politics needs to be more inclusive of genders, socioeconomic status, race etc to ensure that every individual in society is represented fairly and has a voice.

I would make the leaders more accountable and similarly I think people need to have more of a say and the politicians need to stop misleading the public.

The rampant political propaganda that gets shown in TV ads and shoved through our mailboxes on the daily. This is a major issue globally; but the uncertainty of Brexit makes British politics absolutely convoluted to follow, and parties definitely take advantage of that.

Please sign our petition to keep the pressure on politicians and help us change the law to fix abortion provision once and for all.

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