Are All Of Netflix’s Christmas Movies Connected In A Holiday-verse?

PHoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix is truly staking its claim in the festive film market, not only by releasing a ton of Christmas content for the 2019 season, but, apparently, the streamer is putting them in one giant universe. At least, two of their most popular films, The Knight Before Christmas and A Christmas Prince, seem to exist in the same world, because how many other movies would know about the fictional town of Aldovia? It is more than an Easter egg — it may just be the key to an entire Netflix Christmas movie universe.
While watching the newest Vanessa Hudgens-led holiday movie to hit the streaming service, viewers noticed that her sister, played by Emmanuelle Chriqui, gives her daughter an acorn her parents bought on a trip to Aldovia. Aldovia, as in the town Amber and Prince Richard inhabit in The Christmas Prince, as well as the movie's sequels, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.
It naturally begs the question: How many other Netflix holiday movies are also part of this same fictional world? Does that make Brooke, Hudgen's character in The Knight Before Christmas, the fourth twin in The Princess Switch, in which Hudgens also stars? Were the teens in Let It Snow having their restaurant party in the next town over, while Kristin Davis and Robe Lowe were hanging out with elephants over in Africa? Then there are the movies still to come, like Holiday Rush. Don't ask me about Klaus, I don't know.
But another viewer pointed out, there is a snag:
In The Princess Switch, Hudgen's character watches The Christmas Prince, which means she must be in a separate universe in which, theoretically, she could also watch The Knight Before Christmas, see herself on the screen, and get extremely freaked out. So it's safe to assume that's probably not happening, and the theory sort of crumbles from there. But you should probably watch them all through to make sure.

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