Nicola Coughlan From Derry Girls Made The Best Point About Male Nicknames

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By now, you probably know that Derry Girls is brilliant. What you might know is that Nicola Coughlan, the actress who plays Clare Devlin, so often the voice of reason on the show, is brilliant on Twitter. On occasion she's used the platform to call out toxic BS; other times she's just plain funny.
A case in point: this tweet she's posted about the seemingly inexplicable nicknames that some straight men give to their friends.
In a follow-up tweet, Coughlan added equally hilariously: "And the reasons for the nicknames are always terrible.
"'Why is he called Egg?' 'Oh he once had an egg sandwich for his lunch in a school trip in 1996'. That is pretty much always the reason."
Coughlan's original tweet is so spot-on that it's been liked more than 37,000 (!) times. It's also attracted some memorable responses from people wanting to share the random male nicknames they've heard over the years.
Check out some of the funniest below.
Others pointed out that it's not just men who give themselves – or sometimes choose – random nicknames that prove difficult to shift.
By now, you're probably recalling a load of weird nicknames given to people you went to school with. And if you know (or even are) an "Egg", just remember there are many, many worse names to be called. My surname is Levine, which not so helpfully rhymes with... this. Thankfully it didn't stick!

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