Jordyn Woods Gives More Details On "Cancerous" Kardashian-Jenner Scandal

Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images.
Just when we thought things were better between former best friends Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner — they reunited at a birthday party for a brief-but-friendly chat — things seemingly turned sour again when Jenner unfollowed Woods on Instagram earlier this week. That tiny detail may speak volumes about where these women are in the wake of that Tristan Thompson kiss, but now, Woods has spoken to Cosmo about everything on her side of the Kardashian-Jenner drama, and it may make you feel sorry for Woods.
Woods and Jenner were super tight for nearly a decade, up until February of this year, when rumors swirled that Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend Thompson hooked up with Woods at a party. On Red Table Talk, Woods said that Thompson did kiss her upon leaving the house party, but that was the extent of the connection. Still, the drama caused a rift between Woods and the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and forced Woods to move out of Jenner's home.
In her new interview with Cosmo, Woods revealed that it was more than just the Kardashian-Jenners who caused her stress post-scandal: It was also people on the internet.
"It becomes addictive to look on the internet, to look at your name," Woods told Cosmo. "When I would look at my name and see all of the things that people were saying, it became like a tumor. It became cancerous to me."
Those specific words likely hold weight with Woods: Her father died of cancer in 2017, two weeks after he was diagnosed. It was a personal tragedy that Jenner supported Woods through.
Woods said she saw online bullying that included people calling her "broke" because she decided to cut off her hair and stop wearing hair extensions.
"People are so detached that they don’t feel empathy, they don’t feel bad, they don’t realise that the one message that you sent laughing at someone could be the message that pushes that person off the ledge," Woods said of the online bullying to the outlet.
As for Jenner, Woods is still holding out hope.
"I love her. That’s my homie. I hope everything falls into place and that we can all grow and build our relationships with our family and God and come back together one day and be stronger and happier," Woods revealed to Cosmo before adding: "A lot of people can be around when things are good, but you don’t know who’s really around until things are bad."

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