Forget Winter — An Official Game Of Thrones Makeup Collection Is Coming

Photo: Courtesy of Helen Sloane/HBO.
Update: With less than a month until Game of Thrones returns for its final season, Urban Decay prepares to launch its official collection in collaboration with the series to honour its swan song. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you can now buy dragon eggs in Sephora, but it does mean that, as of April 14, you can buy an eyeshadow palette, highlighter trio, lip and cheek tint, eyeliners, and lipsticks inspired by the women of Westeros you've come to root for — and some you've come to root against (we're looking at you, Cersei).
Check out the full collection, ahead.
This story was originally published on February 22, 2019.
For seven seasons of Game of Thrones, we've heard the same exact warning repeated over and over again by the hottest bastard in Winterfell, Jon Snow: "Winter is coming." But if there's one thing we learned from his late lover Ygritte, it's that Snow knows nothing, and it's not just a long night that's been approaching all this time — it's a makeup collection, too.
In an Instagram shared earlier this morning, Urban Decay announced its official collaboration with the HBO series in the form of Westerosi-inspired beauty products. The post didn't give away much, but it did showcase an intense fire-and-ice makeup look, teasing what we anticipate will be a seriously dramatic lineup of eye and lip colours... because Game of Thrones is nothing if not dramatic.
Urban Decay tells Refinery29 that the collection will be all about the Seven Kingdoms, as well as the strong women who make up the main cast of the show — which at this point boils down to Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, and Cersei Lannister. (And Arya, but she's not really the metallic blue eyeshadow type.) Details on the actual products are scarce, but we do know they'll launch in April, the same month the show's eighth and final season is set to air.
This isn't the first time a color-cosmetics collection has been inspired by the show — both Storybook Cosmetics and Wet n Wild created subtle, unlicensed winks to the series and its characters in the past — but this is the first one created in collaboration with HBO, so you know it's legit. All we need now is Daenerys Targaryen's skin-care routine, and we won't be quite as bitter about our Sunday nights opening up for the first time in a decade.

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