Everything You Need To Remember Before Starting Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 Part 2

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fans have had a time of it waiting for new episodes of their favourite show. Part 1 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt premiered in May 2018, and Part 2 is officially here. That's a lot of time to watch, rewatch, and completely, absolutely forget everything that happened in the first half of the season. There was so much content to consume in between! Luckily, this Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 recap will help you remember all the high (and low) points of Kimmy, Titus, Jacqueline, and Lillian.
Kimmy may have started her series as a naive mole woman, but in her short time back in the real world, she’s evolved. Sure, she's a little to eager and earnest for her New York City surroundings, but Kimmy is most literally a survivor, and her intention to make the most of every day is a testament to her bravery and fortitude. Some people might crumble after being kidnapped and held hostage by the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne for 15 years. But Kimmy has taken back her life and her time, and even though she’s reaching the end of her journey on Netflix, she will continue to grow.
Before you watch the last six episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, here’s what you need to know from the first half.
Someone Is Watching The Crew
Episode 6 features a camera lens spying on Kimmy and Titus, and a voice announcing that he is moving onto “phase two.” It's hard to know what, exactly, it means, but it can’t be a good thing if you’re being spied on with a telephoto lens.
The Reverend Got An Origin Story
Well, sort of. In a spoof on the docuseries style that Netflix has been churning out as of late (think Making A Murderer), a young DJ Fingablast followed the story of Reverend Wayne, aka DJ Slizzard. It is a clever play on the genre and a great way to showcase Jon Hamm’s comedic chops.
Kimmy Starts A Crusade
Kimmy becomes tangled up with a men’s rights activist, played by Bobby Moynihan, who is trying to exonerate Reverend Wayne (and also Lord Voldemort, but that’s a whole other story). Kimmy decides she needs to teach young boys not to be creeps, and she writes a book about it.
Greg Kinnear Helps Titus
Titus wants to win Mikey back, so he and Jacqueline pretend he’s on a TV show. Greg Kinnear helps the set up because he’s a romantic like that. Also, his son is named Kinnear Kinnear, because it’s a “family” name.
Lillian Loses Her Love
Though we don’t see it, Artie, Lillian’s boyfriend, passes away while the two are on a trip to Norway and arguing about Trump Steaks. Of course, hijinks ensue when she goes to dump his ashes at his old summer camp, which is now a pseudo-SoHo House.
Kimmy Kills Her Backpack
Remember that beautiful personified backpack that Kimmy brought with her from the bunker? Well, Jan S. Port has got to go, because she represents all the baggage (literal and metaphorical) that Kimmy has taken with her from the bunker. It’s a very Of Mice And Men moment, shall we say.
Of the final episodes of Kimmy Schmidt, co-creator Robert Carlock told The Hollywood Reporter that fans can hope to expect a full-length feature film to really wrap things up. “There are things that I think would be fun to hold off for kind of a big epic finale in feature form,” he said, though he didn’t know a tentative release date. For now, fans will have to get their fix with the back half of Season 4, because females are still strong as hell.

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