Everyone Agrees This Is The Worst Bandersnatch Ending

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for Bandersnatch.
Not all Bandersnatch endings are created equal, at least according to Twitter. While the social media platform is flooded with tweets about Black Mirror Easter eggs and trying to find out how many possible endings there are, people can’t stop talking about the unfortunate and gruesome demise of Stefan’s dad.
Twitter users make it clear: no one wants to kill Stefan’s dad. Black Mirror is making them do it. This couldn’t be more like its own episode of Black Mirror if it tried. People, whether they liked the idea of a dark choose your own adventure movie or not, have agreed that the worst Bandersnatch ending is when Stefan kills and dismembers his dad. Maybe it’s because 2018 has been a mother of a year, but most people just want Stefan to feel better, for his game to succeed, and for him to get along with his dad.
Many viewers felt like they had no choice but to kill Stefan’s dad no matter how hard they tried to avoid it.
Others questioned how they got to such a place at all.
Black Mirror has given me major trust issues when it comes to the show. It could all be a trap, none of it could be a trap — there’s no way to tell until it’s too late. How do we know that we’re not all part of an episode of Black Mirror right now? It wouldn’t be the craziest thing to happen. For all we know, season 5 will come out and one of the episodes will be about how thousands of people would choose to make a fictitious character kill his dad because they think it isn’t real, but because it’s Black Mirror, it actually is real. Charlie Brooker, where do I get my writer’s credit?

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