These Traits Make A "Perfect Housemate", According To Renters

photographed by Lauren Maccabee; photographed by Lauren Maccabee.
Who can forget the super-long, incredibly specific checklist for a London flatmate that went viral last month? It was an extreme case, but one that reminded us that flatshare horror stories are all too common.
So it's reassuring to hear that most renters' idea of a perfect flatmate is a little more reasonable. According to a survey by flatmate-finding app Badi, the top quality that people look for is simple – a willingness to pay bills on time, and without fuss.
Flatmates who do their share of the chores (including washing up and taking bins out) are also highly prized, as are flatmates who don't hog the bathroom and get along with friends.
Just over one in five renters said they'd like a housemate who brings personal touches to the place to make it feel more like home. Roughly the same number said they'd appreciate a housemate with good music taste.
Overall, just under a quarter of renters said they think they've found the perfect flatmate, meaning more than three-quarters think they could probably do better!
But rather sweetly, 27% of renters said they'd like a flatmate who's always there to talk to when they need a friend.
Badi's global managing director Carol Jiang said of the results: "Finding a new housemate has been a source of anxiety for renters looking to live with new people. But by matching with the perfect housemate who ticks all the boxes, you can easily have a harmonious household.
''Our research shows that, when it comes to the crunch, we are looking for people who share our interests and lifestyle."
Below, check out the top 20 traits of a "perfect housemate" according to the Badi survey.
1. Pays bills without fuss or delay
2. Does their share of chores
3. Always does their washing up
4. Takes the bins out without being asked
5. Doesn't hog the bathroom
6. Doesn't leave unwashed plates out on the side
7. Gets along with your friends
8. Keeps to their food cupboard
9. Lets you know before having a house party
10. Is always there for you if you need to talk
11.Keeps to their shelf in the fridge / freezer
12. Will make you a cuppa if they get to the kettle first in the morning
13. Good music taste
14. Brings little touches to make the place feel more like home
15. They are generous
16. Shares the remote
17. Cooks dinner when you come home late from work
18. Is rarely there
19. Likes the same films as you
20. Stays out the way when you bring the other half/parents round

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