Paris Jackson Shuts Down “Disgusting” Rumours She’s A Drug Addict

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images.
Paris Jackson won’t take trumped-up rumours lying down — especially when they have to do with her late father Jackson shut down rumours that she’s a drug addict and took some shots at the gossip site spreading them for good measure.
On Thursday, Jackson didn’t hold back in her response to an article from celebrity gossip site Radar dramatically titled “Jackson Family Terrified Rail-Thin Paris Will Die From Drugs Like Late Dad Michael.” Jackson tweeted, “I’ve never once given the impression that i’m someone who likes to party, but they’re literally claiming i go out every single night. And because i’m an advocate for medical marijuana, they’re saying i’m a hardcore addict.”
Jackson then made it clear what she thought of the site responsible for spreading the rumours, writing, “I’ve never read an article from radar about myself that’s actually true, but this is crossing a line. Just disgusting. How can anyone with a conscience be okay with creating such extreme and horrible lies about a 20 year old girl?”
She also went ahead and smacked down any insinuation that her famous father was a drug addict, saying pretty clearly, “he most certainly WAS NOT.” Enough said.
Finally, Jackson, who is an advocate for legal marijuana as well as animal rights, took a little time to educate readers, countering insinuations that her public marijuana use means she’s living a dangerous lifestyle, writing, “marijuana is legal and very good for you.”
Jackson’s a lesson in standing up for yourself, serving justice quick, and moving on with your life. Hours after smacking down the rumours, she tweeted about chocolate Kinder eggs and New York traffic, making it clear she’s not letting the haters get her down.
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