Beyoncé Fans Are Excited For Her Lion King Appearance & Haters Have One Complaint

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
When the trailer for the upcoming CGI remake of The Lion King was released last week, many people tuned in for one thing and one thing only: Beyoncé.
The only sign of the singer, who will be voicing Nala in the film, came in the form of her name being listed among other members of the cast, including Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, John Oliver, and James Earl Jones. All the same, the Beyhive immediately lit up the internet by exalting in what, in their minds, is an already-iconic role.
But, given that this was a discourse that took place on the internet, not everyone was 100% on board. Some people took issue with the fact that Beyoncé — who famously hails from Houston — might inadvertently give Nala a bit of a Texas twang in her portrayal of the character.
This, in turn, brought the Beyhive out in full force. (Well, in even fuller force than usual.)
Some were of the opinion that Nala could only be enhanced by Beyoncé’s Texas accent, while others pointed out that, given that the characters are, uh, CGI lions, there’s probably some room for interpretation as far as an accent is concerned.
So, something tells us that Beyoncé will do just fine as Nala. Let it be known that we are absolutely here for the new version of The Lion King, whether it features Beyoncé’s “Texas” accent or not.

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