The Wellness Travel Trends That Will Be Big In 2019

photographed by Ashley Armitage
Modern life is stressful and just getting on the property ladder can feel like a pipe dream, so it's no surprise that wellness holidays are becoming increasingly popular. Let's be honest: many of us don't just need a break, we thoroughly deserve one, too.
So it's very interesting to check out a list of wellness travel trends for 2019 compiled by Health and Fitness Travel, a company which specialises in wellness-based vacays.
One such trend is the "painmoon", a sort of anti-honeymoon which someone might take to help them grieve a loved one, rebound from a bad break-up, or relax following a period of poor mental health or anxiety.
It actually sounds like a very good idea – though one person on Twitter has already pointed out, hilariously, that the word "painmoon" does sound a bit like a goth band.
Divorce and menopause retreats are also predicted to become a big thing, as is the "fertility trip" for couples looking to boost their chances of getting pregnant.
More of us are also expected to be tempted by a sugar detox holiday. (Just be warned that according to rumour, it was on the way back from a detox trip that Kate Moss famously called an easyJet pilot a basic bitch.)
The sugar detox holiday forms part of the "preventative wellness" trend for retreats teaching people how to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, junk food and other substances they wish to cut down on.
Meanwhile, "wellness mumcations" are also expected to grow in popularity as more new parents take a short break from raising their families. The word "mumcation" might make you cringe, but the idea of enjoying a bit of "me" time away from nappy-changing and 3am feeding calls certainly sounds appealing.
Another wellness travel trend which makes a lot of sense is the "sleep performance retreat" aimed at insomniacs or anyone who wants to improve their sleeping patterns. Equally self-explanatory is the "silence retreat"– aimed mainly at city-dwellers craving some peace and quiet.
But of course, wellness holidays aren't 2019's only major travel trend: in recent weeks, we've also seen a very intriguing list of 10 up-and-coming global destinations which range from a historic Dutch city to an unspoiled island bird sanctuary off the coast of Bali.
Here's the full list of wellness trips predicted to rise in popularity in 2019:
Nature Immersion Getaways
Preventative Wellness
Active Lifestyle Retreats
Divorce Retreats
Tough & Transformative Wellness
Wellness Mumcations
Menopause Retreats
The New Middle-aged Man Trip
Fertility Trips
Sugar Detox
Sleep Performance Trips
Silence Retreats

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