Celebrities Are Experts At Making Things Instagram Official

Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images.
Putting your relationship on Instagram is a milestone alongside introducing your partner to your friends or maybe even your family. It means you're serious enough about someone that you want the whole world to see — and when it comes to celebrities, it really is the whole world.
That's why it's a decidedly trickier choice for a celeb to reveal their significant other online. Not only does it make the definitive announcement that they are boo'd up, but it puts their partner in the public eye, leaving them on display for fawning and, sometimes, judgement. Everyone loves to have opinions on the personal lives of celebrities, but with how adorable some of these Instagram official announcements are, it's hard not to.
While it's up to every celebrity how open they want to be about their relationship, there are a number of stars who totally melted our hearts when they decided to bring their love life to social media. Ahead are some of the best celebrity Instagram official announcements of all time.

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