Amazon's Homecoming Will Be The Most Unsettling Show You Watch This Year

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Studios.
What happened to the fish?!
This is just one of the many disturbing questions that the new trailer for Amazon's Homecoming has left me with, and it's proof that this series will be the most unsettling thing to grace streaming services in a long, long time.
The upcoming show, which stars Julia Roberts and was created by Mr. Robot's Sam Esmail, is based on Gimlet's podcast of the same name. The series — which has already received a two-season order head of its November release date — tells the story of Heidi (Roberts), a caseworker at a secret government facility. Supposedly, the facility's "Homecoming" program helps soldiers rejoin civilian life — but is that its true purpose, or is there something more sinister going on here?
Obviously, it's the latter, and Walter (Stephan James), a young military vet hoping to get back to his regular routine, should probably flee this program while he still can. If he still can, that is.
The trailer teases that the facility — with all its winding staircases and stark-white laboratories — might not have its patients best interests at heart. It's more of a feeling than it is actually information: The trailer suggests there is simply something very wrong here, and it doesn't need any jump scares or monstrous reveals to make you feel more than a little uneasy.
How much Heidi knows about the places she works is unclear from the trailer, but given the casual way she states she "got rid" of the fish in her aquarium, it's clear that she may not be the most trustworthy of characters. In the very last moments of the trailer, we see a poor goldfish go belly-up. Creepy? Sure. And let's hope that the fish isn't a metaphor for some of the soldiers at the facility.
Homecoming is not the only Amazon series to be based on a podcast — Lore recently received an Amazon adaptation as well. The original podcast, which tells non-fiction scary stories like the unsettling tale of "Robert the Doll" and the horrifying truth about H.H. Holmes' hotel of death, is brought to life via Amazon's anthology series.
Check out the new trailer for Homecoming below, and keep your fish close tonight.
Homecoming is available on Amazon from 2nd November 2018

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