The Official Cast Of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Is Unreal

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
Whether you're a fan of his highly-stylised films or not, director Quentin Tarantino certainly knows how to create buzz. He's done so with his upcoming movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Set in the summer of the Manson murders, the film will follow two washed-up stars who try to make it in a Hollywood they no longer recognise. And now, Tarantino has found his Charles Manson: Australian actor Damon Herriman has been cast as the cult leader, whose "family" carried out the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate, and four others, in 1969.
The horrific crime, however, won't be the main focus of the film: As the title suggests, it will be very much about Hollywood. Tarantino has not only written a film about actors, he's also employed a lot of them. The star-studded cast includes everyone from '90s heartthrobs to Oscar nominees to TV favourites.
Of course, it wouldn't be a Tarantino movie without some controversy. While this list includes plenty of prolific actors, some have criticised the director for casting almost exclusively white stars. The latest movie trailer gives you a glimpse of all the actors.
Basically, you're going to spend the entirety of this moving going "Oooh, he's in this? I know that guy!" Or, alternatively, you can read our handy guide to Tarantino's upcoming film endeavour and be prepared to see some of your favourite faces on screen. Read ahead to check it out.

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