Connie Britton Is Bringing Her Magic Back To American Horror Story's Witchy Season

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So what if it's the apocalypse? At least we have Connie Britton.
According to The Wrap, the American Horror Story alum is returning to FX's long-running anthology series. Britton, who portrayed mom (turned ghost mom) Vivian Harmon on the show's freshman season Murder House, is now settling back into the Ryan Murphy universe for season 8's Apocalypse. The upcoming season will reportedly be a crossover between Murder House and season 3's Coven, suggesting (though not confirming) that Britton will portray Vivian once again.
Dylan McDermott, who portrayed Vivian's husband Ben as well as the "Bloody Face" serial killer Johnny Morgan during season 2's Asylum, will also return to the show. Refinery29 has reached out to Britton and McDermott for comment.
This news comes after it was revealed that Cody Fern would portray Michael Langdon, a grown-up version of Vivian's young son. In Murder House, Vivian is raped by the ghostly Tate (Evan Peters), and becomes pregnant with twins — one of whom is Michael, the supposed Antichrist.
Will Apocalypse be a family reunion of sorts? If so, it will be a complicated one. Vivian and Ben are both dead, and, when we last saw them in the Murder House finale, bound to their Los Angeles residence as ghosts. Unfortunately, they have to share a home with some not-so-friendly spirits, including Tate and Ben's jilted mistress, played by Kate Mara.
Whether Viv will get to know her troubled son, it's unclear — but Britton will reunite with some of the actors she starred alongside in Murder House, like Taissa Farmiga and Frances Conroy. It is unclear if they will return to their Murder House roles or exclusively portray the witches they appeared as during Coven. (In the past, American Horror Story has had actors play multiple roles from the universe within a single season.) One thing we do know is that Jessica Lange, whom Britton shared many scenes with in Murder House, will return as her character Constance — grandmother of Fern's Michael.
Though Britton has not appeared in a season of American Horror Story since Murder House, she has appeared in creator Murphy's other series. She portrayed real-life woman Faye Resnick in American Crime Story's O.J. Simpson trial retelling, and emergency operator Abby on Fox procedural 9-1-1.
Outside of the Murphyverse, Britton will star in Bravo anthology series Dirty John, based on the popular podcast. We're just lucky she had time to stop by her old American Horror Story haunt first.

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