The Latest Viral Wedding Photo Is Hilarious & Relatable

Have you seen the amazing wedding photo that's gone viral this week? It shows a happy couple sealing their marriage with a kiss... while a bridesmaid lies face-down on the floor beside them.
Kevin Kennedy Ryan shared the photo on Twitter earlier this week to mark the third anniversary of his marriage to wife Jess Ryan-Smith. It's since been liked over 60,000 times and received hundreds of replies.
It's easy to see why the image has captured spots many people's attention. At first glance it looks like the perfect wedding photo, until you spot the lil' extra something – a floor-hugging bridesmaid – that gives it an almost surreal quality.
Asked by a follower how the photo came to be, Kennedy Ryan – who works in marketing in Sheffield – explained: "My sister fainted at the exact moment the judge says you may kiss the bride."
"It's a real split second photograph, a few seconds later we were all over her!" he added.
Kennedy Ryan has also confirmed that his sister Grace was "absolutely fine" after fainting at the pivotal moment, telling The Independent: "We got her back up, she was still a little wobbly so she remained sitting down for the rest of the ceremony with a cold glass of water. We restarted our first kiss and then everything was pretty normal for the rest of the evening."
So, we can continue to enjoy this strangely relatable image without feeling any guilt whatsoever. I have a theory for why it's so much fun to look at. Any wedding is an intense and stressful affair, which can cause all manner of annoyances, even when it feels like the happiest day of a couple's life.
So in a way, nothing captures this paradox better than a photograph of an adoring bride and groom, and their fainting bridesmaid.

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