The 10 Things That Irritate People Most About Weddings

illustrated by Paola Delucca.
We already know weddings are getting more expensive, but are they becoming more irritating too? A new survey asked 3,000 people what they find most annoying about others' nuptials, and it makes for very interesting reading.
A hefty 39% of respondents said they are annoyed when they're invited to a wedding ceremony abroad after they've already attended a stag or hen do overseas. Many of us will relate to this irritation: after all, you're essentially being to asked to stump up for flights and accommodation two times over. Being invited to a wedding in an inconvenient location was an irritation for a further 29% of respondents.
Meanwhile, 36% of respondents said they are annoyed by screaming children at weddings, 34% by drunken relatives, and 26% by long and cringeworthy speeches. (For the record, one leading wedding website says five minutes is "more than enough" for a speech, so it's generally best to keep it brief.)
Not being given a plus one on a wedding invitation annoyed 22% of people, to which I say, "Hell YES." There's nothing worse than walking into an event that's supposed to be a celebration of love and companionship with nothing but your iPhone for company.
The survey also found that the average cost of attending a wedding is £217 per person, though 12% of respondents said they'd actually spent an eye-watering £500 on a happy couple's big day. The average spend on a wedding present came in at £74.12.
However, just 17% of respondents said they are annoyed when for couple asks for cash instead of a gift, suggesting this is less of a wedding faux pas than it used to be. Then again, we're in 2018 now, so it's safe to presume no one really needs to be gifted a toaster.
Here's the list in full...
1. Being invited to a hen/stag do and wedding abroad (39%)
2. Screaming children (36%)
3. Drunken relatives (34%)
4. Inconvenient location (29%)
5. Long and cringeworthy speeches (29%)
6. Long ceremony (26%)
7. Long waits for food (25%)
8. Not receiving a plus one when invited (22%)
9. Being asked for money for the wedding gift (17%)
10. When a wedding falls on a weekday (13%)
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