Mars Is About To Light Up Our Sex Lives — & Our Tempers

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We get it — astrologically speaking, you have a lot on your plate right now. Between the lunar eclipse and full moon on Friday and the ongoing onslaught of retrogrades, we could forgive you for not keeping close tabs on Mars' movements this week. That will surely change this Friday, when the planet of action, conflict, and all things physical opposes the sun. Not only will this movement create a brilliant astronomical display (it will be the closest it's been to Earth in 15 years), it just might kick our sex lives into high gear, too.
But, before we get to Mars' potential impact on your Friday night plans, here's what it actually means to have the sun and Mars "in opposition" to each other. Now that the sun is officially in Leo, it's across the Wheel of the Zodiac from Mars, which has been in Aquarius since May. When two planets are six signs apart, they create an astrological aspect known as an opposition. This Friday, July 27, is the day that they will directly oppose one another, making their combined influence the strongest.
Astrologer Jamie King writes that this aspect can fuel sexual tension and magnetism, whether you're single or coupled up, and he adds that it's best to put words to those urges, rather than let yourself stew in your feelings. Maybe you've been wanting to try something new with your partner. Perhaps you're interested in someone but don't know how to make that clear. This opposition will inspire us to be bold — even if you're normally reluctant to make the first move, you might feel empowered to do just that this Friday.
Things might not be entirely steamy and worry-free, though. When it's lit up like this, Mars can also inspire us to be more aggressive — and not everyone responds well to confrontation, so be sure to read the room before charging full steam ahead into anything.
Beyond Mars' opposition, the moon will also move into Aquarius on Friday, creating an aspect with Mars known as a conjunction. As writer and practicing witch Julia Penelope recently told Refinery29, this could set the stage for shorter tempers and more conflicts overall. And there's one more Mars-related wrench we'll find in our love machine this weekend: The red planet is among the many celestial bodies that's currently retrograde, and its message to us during its backspin is to resist the urge to respond to every little thing that ticks us off.
So, in short, it could feel like you're being pulled in opposite directions this Friday, all thanks to Mars. Our advice is to follow the cues of the Mars retrograde first and foremost: Don't force anything that doesn't feel quite right and take steps to communicate before acting (and potentially hurting someone you care about). That said, if you and your partner are on the same page, give into the charged energy of the sun opposite Mars and make plans for a steamy night in on Friday.

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