Travis Scott Defends Kylie Jenner's Controversial Billionaire Forbes Cover

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
On Wednesday, Forbes confirmed what we all already knew: Kylie Jenner is rich, y'all. But turns out, she's like, super rich, like almost-the-youngest-self-made-billionaire rich. As soon as it was announced, however, eyebrows were raised, because calling a member of the Kardashian clan "self-made" at this point is a little — not to labour the point — rich.
The 20-year-old was born into an already wealthy dynasty with mother Kris Jenner working as the mastermind behind much of Jenner and he sisters' success, and while her makeup brand (valued around $800 million) is undeniably impressive, it's not like she built her worth up from nothing.
"Kylie Jenner was not self made nor become [sic] a billionaire in just 3 years," YouTuber Maryam Haidar tweeted in response to the magazine cover. "She was born in a family with a famous dad as OJ’s lawyer, a sister who got famous off a leaked sex tape, and a family show. She was born with the opportunities and privileges that 99% of Americans dont have."
"Kylie Jenner was born into the top 1% of wealth in the world," another Twitter user wrote. "She deserves a participation ribbon, not an article in Forbes."
However, many other people, including boyfriend Travis Scott, are proud of her. Baby Stormi's father took to Twitter to congratulate the reality star.
"CANT BE MORE PROUD," he wrote.
Others came to the star's defence, saying that while, yes, she was born into wealth, she wasn't born with the business skills she used to build her empire. That was all talent.
"Kylie Jenner can’t control what she was born into I give her props for taking advantage, that girl 20 and almost worth a billion she has more money than Jay-Z and Diddy you gotta respect that," one fan wrote.
"People forget that Kylie Jenner had absolutely no reason to be successful, she was part of the reality show by default," another added. "There was nothing pushing her to work, but she did."
Plus, there's already the next generation to think about (hello, Stormi). Regardless of how it happened, if she follows in the footsteps of her family tree, it's all but official that her now 5-month-old daughter is going to take over the world. If it means more content like this, then I'm on board.

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