Move Over A Christmas Prince, You’ve Got Festive Rom-Com Competition

illustrated by Sarah Quatrano.
Controversial opinion alert: summer is the perfect time to revisit the oft-overlooked Christmas romantic comedy genre. It’s 30 degrees in London today and this writer is reminiscing about when all that sweltering humidity was fluffy snow falling out of the sky like diamonds. For our readers who couldn’t get enough of A Christmas Prince during the last holiday season (we know there were a lot of you) and are hoping there’s a sequel, we’ve got good news. Universal has announced it will produce Last Christmas, a new yuletide romantic comedy from dream team Emma Thompson (Love Actually star, many other critically acclaimed but non-Christmas related movies) and Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, the Ghostbusters reboot, and no Christmas movies yet, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?).
Variety is reporting that it will be a Christmas movie set in London. A project coming from Emma Thompson — the only person to win an Oscar both for screenwriting and acting and the woman who first introduced me about the wonders of Joni Mitchell — it’s safe to bet we’re looking at another classic for the ages.
Christmas and love go hand-in-hand, but this move is also a sign that the rom-com renaissance is here to stay. Netflix is leading the charge, releasing many gushable goodies this summer. Set It Up and The Kissing Booth are bringing love to all seasons again, because it’s a genre that has been sorely missing from theaters for the last few years.
If Last Christmas has even 1/10 of the originality that A Christmas Prince’s sequel promises, the anticipation will be enough to carry us all through the long summer months.

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