Kim Kardashian West For President? It's Not Out Of The Question

Photo: Charley Gallay/ Getty Images.
When pictures of Kim Kardashian West meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office started making the rounds online a few weeks ago, they were met with equal parts shock and derision from people on pretty much all sides of the political spectrum.
So, when Van Jones asked Kardashian West if she would ever consider running for office on The Van Jones Show, it would have been easy to continue mocking her, as well as anyone who encouraged her to continue her foray into politics.
But Kardashian West said that she wouldn’t rule it out completely. And, honestly, that may not be the worst idea in the world. Kardashian West had been photographed with Trump because she was advocating for Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old first-time nonviolent drug offender who had been serving a life sentence since 1996. Kardashian West accomplished her goal in commuting Johnson’s sentence and says that she aims to keep helping incarcerated women — which seems to be something that most people should be able to support.
“No matter who you talk to, no matter what political party, people feel what's right is right and that's what I love about this, is that it can just be so bipartisan," she told Jones. Sounds pretty presidential, no?
That said, just because someone could probably win an election doesn’t necessarily mean that they should actually do it. Kardashian West has never held political office before, and, while that isn’t a requirement for running for office, the prospect of electing someone with very little experience of policy-making and legislation should feel concerning (if also eerily familiar).
Either way, don’t start making your “KKW 2020” stickers quite yet. It was Jones who brought up the topic of running for office, not Kardashian West, and, while she doesn’t seem to hate the idea, she’s also not exactly enthusiastic about it.
“I guess never say never,” she said. “But that's not going to be like, ‘Kim's running [for office right now].’ That's not where I am.”
So, stay tuned — it seems likely that Kardashian West isn’t quite done with politics yet, even if she doesn’t run for office.

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