This Louis C.K. Conversation Shows That Comedy Hasn't Really Changed

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Apparently we're going to have to keep calling out bad responses to #MeToo until prominent industry men figure it out. You'd think after the controversial interview the cast of Arrested Development gave to the New York Times about Jeffrey Tambour, other actors wouldn't be raring to make the same mistakes. But, lo and behold, in The Hollywood Reporter's comedy actor roundtable, Marc Maron and Tracy Morgan made it very clear that this recent reckoning has not taught them the lessons that it should.
For instance, can we just stop pivoting questions about women's suffering to assurances that not all men are bad? Maron told the outlet that his takeaway — his main takeaway — from the Louis C.K. allegations was that we have to do something to make sure men aren't scared.
"Well, at some point there has to be a conversation, there has to be some sort of levelling off so we can communicate so not everybody, men in particular, is running around terrified of their past or of how to behave," Maron said. "Because I don't think that's going to be helpful for anyone."
Morgan went as far as to joke about the allegations against Louis C.K. and Harvey Weinstein, saying, "I embraced it. Me and my wife role-play. I play Louis C.K., she's like, 'Oh, move that flower pot over here!'" Like when Weinstein was accused of masturbating into a flower pot in front of a non-consenting woman? Hilarious!
Maron went on to add that "obviously, we're all going to behave a little better." Thanks. But it's Ray Romano who actually responds thoughtfully.
"I don't know how to speak to any of this, but there's an awareness of how hard it is for women now," he said. "They did a sketch on SNL about it, how it's everywhere. Yes, there are some harsh things happening and harsh judgments, but the one good thing is that we're becoming aware of what it means when somebody, even if they don't think they're harassing, is crossing the boundaries a bit."
That realisation is all women are asking for.
If you have experienced sexual violence of any kind, please visit Rape Crisis or call 0808 802 9999.

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