Pete Davidson's Love Language Is Instagram Comments

Photo: Mike Pont/WireImage.
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship is spelled out very explicitly over Instagram: They're kind of obsessed with one another. Davidson comments on just about every one of her Instagrams, mainly to say that, gee, wow, he's a lucky guy.
“Ummmmm hiiiiiiiii," he wrote on a recent pic from Grande's British Vogue cover shoot. "I'm the luckiest contest winner ever."
On another picture, Davidson wrote, simply, "ummmmm hi." He added a drooling emoji for effect.
On a video of Grande's band, Davidson commented, "Proud busband." (I think that's a portmanteau of "bus" and "husband.") In some cases, he just comments emojis: fire, clouds, moons. At one point, he called her a "young legend." Davidson is Grande's boyfriend, but he's also a bit like Amy Poehler's character in Mean Girls, gyrating offstage with a camera in his hands.
Grande is responding in kind. Replying to Davidson's "luckiest contest winner," she wrote, "sksjsjsjjajsjaa nahhhhhh I am." Sigh. Young love, you know?
Davidson also has a pair of Grande-related tattoos and he appears to be touring with her. (Hence the word "busband.") They're clearly very much in love. That, or their phones don't work and Instagram is their only mode of communication.

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