Good News: These Shows Are Even Better Than Roseanne

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
On Tuesday ABC cancelled popular US sitcom Roseanne in the wake of a racist tweet from Roseanne Barr, the show's creator and star. The news inspired a whirlpool of reactions, mainly that of the "yay!" and "wahoo!" variety. But there were some crestfallen reactions, especially considering the show's immense popularity. Roseanne, the original, was a good show. Roseanne, the revival, had traces of a good show, but it was dominated by the overwhelming presence of Barr, who, in the years between the cancellation and the revival of her show, only grew more tone deaf.
This opening in the television world — which isn't exactly underpopulated right now — means that we all have more time to devote to other shows. (This doesn't just mean more viewing time. We all have talking time, think piece-reading time, think piece-writing time, and emotional labor-time to spare now that Roseanne is off the air.) Roseanne was lauded for portraying a close-knit family unit. There are actually a number of sitcoms that already did this and still do this. Ahead, the shows still on the air that you can watch instead of Roseanne.
And, if none of these suit your fancy, there's always, always, Golden Girls.

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